If you want to transform cancer care, you belong at Kestrel.

Our Philosophy for Success

We seek to build an aspirational company. We value intelligence, integrity, application, and a dedication to bringing science to bear to solve the most challenging obstacles to advancing the field of medicine.  

Our initial mission is focused on devising therapies for until-now intractable tumors carrying RAS mutations. We understand though that many of the genetic alterations that underly tumorigenesis have yet to be exploited. We hope to build on initial successes and expand our scientific scope to encompass new high-value targets from among the many genetic lesions that characterize cancer.

Kestrel is looking for colleagues to join us, both in our scientific and medical endeavor, and in creating the culture of dedication to discovery and understanding that will lead to accomplishment and that will grow our company. 

Contact us if you think you belong and let us share with you our dream.